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This is unboxing and review video of cheapest skateboard on amazon india
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Durable and safe – 7-ply maple wood skateboard with full cover grip tape across top of deck, makes it more durable and makes you more safe during skateboarding

HIGH BEARING CAPACITY – 4 inch nylon truck with ultra-durable deck makes the board with 396lbs/180kgs MAX SUPPORTING WEIGHT, suitable for kids and adult, especially as a gift for children

Super smooth and comfy control – equips with abec-9 high speed bearing, anti-shock 85a PVC wheels and super soft PU bushings make you feel skateboarding as easily as walking on firm earth all the time

STRONG PLAYABILITY – double kick tail concave design provides greater control, allows for wide range of tricks and easy braking, for any skill level skaters

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – comes with a 27 inch X 6.5 inch complete skateboard


This is a best basic skateboard for beginner under a fix budget if you are a professional or can spend on high quality skateboard then this is not for you

You may get little deviation in product as I also received different colored wheel with respect to product image and information

Actual skateboard width Size is 6.2 inches

Deck Sticker is of low quality as the bolts are quite visible under the sticker; overtime I believe the bolts will come out through the sticker

I am giving it 4 stars due to some incorrect product information else this could have been a 5 star for me since the price it quite low and I loved this Skateboard.

Must buy for beginner!

I have read all other reviews of this skateboard and most of them have given good rating but the reviews are not an elaborate one so I have made full unboxing and review video of this Jaspo Skateboard on my channel to clear all your doubts.

Detailed Review

Hello Friends,

I am Vivek and in today’s playtime we have Skateboard.

This is wooden skateboard from Jaspo. If we look at the image then…it is built from mapple wood, look wise it is very good. It’s accessories…We will buy and check the accessories in detail.

Jaspo claims, its size is 27 inch by 6.5 inch so there is contradiction here

in Product title they claim 27×7 and in image it is 27×6.5 inch. Will have to check once purchased price is 1099 rupees…which is very cheap since skateboard starts with high range even the basic version also start from 3000-4000 rupees and if we talk about premium version then we are talking around 15k-20k range still..this one is in 11 hundred range. It would be a beginner skateboard and it is made up of mapple wood so…

I am kind of sure it’s worth it.

If we look at the product description…durable and safe, 7 ply mapple wood skateboard. They say it is layered with 7 ply mapple wood with a full cover grip across top deck…make it more durable…makes more…safe during skateboarding high braking capacity…4-inch nylon trunk…maximum size 180 kgs but I don’t think it can hold on this much weight since…it is very cheap skateboard…so I am not sure about its capacity.

Super smooth and comfy control, equips with 9 high speed bearing, STRONG PLAYABILITY…NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED…so this doesn’t require any assembly but if you see..the proper way…out of India where it is most popular…there you will find all the parts separately…

So we can assembled that could be a better version too. If we know what should be the wood size..its wheel size…what should be the gripping and trunk, if you are aware about all this…then basically assembled version would the best but since we do have that much knowledge on this…so we are going for full assembled version.

Now in product details…from Jaspo

Color written orange..some contradiction here…In above image…color looks like red down in product detail they says it is orange. 2 kg weight, Current, ranking 170

Only 2 customer reviews…Obviously…It is not so much popular in India hence the few reviews

In India 2 leg skateboard are quite popular but long skateboard is not so much popular here. This upper section is called deck. Over the deck, is called grip tape but I don’t think this one has it…it’s having a sticker only actually, what can very expect more in 1k rupees. This one is from Jaspo Company.

Whatever I searched on internet basic learning wise…good quality wise…in our budget…I got this only. If I flip it over…This one holding the wheel is called trunk. One this side and one here…this is the wheel, the remaining accessories…like nuts and all are called as hardware

If we check its size…As we saw…size was written on product description…6.5 inch – 7 inch in width. After I purchased…I came to know that this is low width…it’s kind of kid width. If you are learning and an adult…13+…18+ and if you have long foot then 7 or 7.5 inch above width would be best for you.

The only concern in long width would be tricks and stunt little difficult at first but for landing long width is good…for now with respect to learning will manage with this skateboard by the way…I don’t know how to play skateboard. In future once I know how to ride it…will surely make other videos on this…

But for now, this is the best product

Its wheel size is 60 mm…the board is cheap and hence…In this context, small wheels are good 54 mm or 52 mm since for turning and moving it is smooth and swift, this one is 60 mm size and plastic material kind of hard plastic.

If you see we have 4 marks here of the bolts beneath, I can call it a drawback this 4 bolts are clearly visible so I don’t think this can be used in long term because…these bolts someday will come out from the sticker…but for learning this is Okay.

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Play Safe…Play Hard!



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