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How to Throw a Boomerang in Hindi

Unboxing, Review and Testing of Best Boomerang available in India that comes back...
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Made for introduction to boomerang throwing from the age of 8. A safe-to-use foam boomerang that’s perfect for beginners.

Easy to catch thanks to its foam component. Important: you must learn the correct technique to be able to throw the boomerang.

Lightweight and soft, it is ideal for children. Easy to catch.Its shape and density provide a good flight quality outdoors.


I have read all the feedback of this boomerang and most of them are incorrect that it doesn’t come back or rarely comes back so I have made full unboxing, review and testing video of this boomerang on my channel to clear all your doubts.

Guys, it does work very well the only thing that should be considered is a proper technique. You have to test or play this in windy condition only else you are wasting your time and energy, and you have to throw it 20 to 30 degree tentatively right side towards the wind and you will see the magic!

Just one flaw that its orange layer skin is peeling off after one use only which I think will completely peeled off over the time; another than this no issue whatsoever with this amazing disc toy.

I am giving it 5 star even the skin is peeling just because it really comes back when thrown properly.



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